6th UNICEF Awards for Children-Related Programmes in Telugu TV Channels

The UNICEF Awards were initiated in 2009, in partnership with the Centre for Media Studies (CMS), to encourage Telugu television channels to focus on the issues concerning the girl child. Since then, the Awards have grown in stature and broadened from only girl children to include both boys and girls from birth to 18 years and pregnant mothers. Over the years, Telugu television channels has shown great enthusiasm and effectively inspired numerous innovative programming on various issues about girl child. In the 5th edition of these awards the scope broadened from only girl children to include both boys and girls from birth to 18 years and pregnant mothers. The media appreciated the change as they also wanted the scope of the Awards to include both genders. The 6th edition of the Awards is a continuation of this successful initiative.

The 5th edition, apart from widening of the canvas, the awards were made theme based – Child Health, Child Education, Child Protection and Child Right to Food Security and Nutrition. The coverage by channels centered on issues such as awareness campaigns (advantages of breastfeeding, child safety skills etc.), individual achievements/success cases, child labour, child marriages, atrocities on children especially corporal punishment, individual criminal cases, child harassments, rape, honour killing, diphtheria, contaminated water, negligence of hospitals/doctors, lack of facilities in school etc. There were very few programmes on the theme Food Security and Nutrition.Last edition CMS began tracking, monitoring, recording and analysing 7,600+ hours of content from August 1 and continued through November 8, 2013. On July 30, 2013 political unrest began in Andhra Pradesh (AP) with the news of bifurcation of the State. Despite these heightened political activities in the state and the building up of assembly election environment, it is heartening to see that as many as 17 out of the 19 participating channels contributed 970 programmes to children-related issues running in 5526.38 minutes.

It has been heartening to note that there has been a discerning change in the attitude and approach by the TV channels and programmes. This transformation is evident in the Telugu television channels ever since the UNICEF Awards have been introduced. This was also apparent in the programmes and the initiatives taken in the previous 5 successive editions.

The 6th UNICEF Awards for Children-related Programmes in Telugu TV Channels was announced at a media symposium held at the Marigold – Green Park Hotel at Hyderabad on 1st August, 2014.

This year the Jury Chairperson is Mr PVRK Prasad, Retd IAS Officer and former Commissioner of Information and Culture Govt of AP. Other Jury members include Dr. Nagamallika Gudipaty is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, in The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, Mr. Mohd. Raheemuddin, Advocate and member of SCPCR and Ms. Shyama Sundari, Joint Director of the Department of Women Development and Child Welfare, Government of Telangana.

For this year awards, programmes telecast between 6 August and 14 November, 2014 in the prime-time band of 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm will be considered for the awards. These programmes would be tracked and coordinated by CMS.

All channels are also being invited to Self-Nominate programmes telecasted anytime on any day starting from 1st January, 2014 to 5 August, 2014. Programmes telecasted in prime-time band 6:30pm to 10:30pm will have higher weightage. The last date for submitting Self-Nominations to CMS is 14 November, 2014. Like in previous years, the Awards would be presented in gala ceremony in December 2014.

For further information please contact:

  1. Prosun Sen, Communication Specialist, UNICEF Office for Andhra Pradesh, Telanagana & Karnataka.
    P: 91 40 23227226, 23227236 | M: 91 9602666633 | E: psen@unicef.org | http://www.unicef.in
  2. Anita Medasani, Regional Manager, CMS Hyderabad
    1300 A, Road No 66 Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, AP
    P: 0402364 0493 M: 08897607936 | E:anita@cmsindia.org | www.cmsindia.org

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